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New here just some quotes i made add me if u want

You asked me where I was all your life. I told you I’ve been at your door all along..........I just never knocked.

Your beauty is so amazing....but when you shed tears its like I’m looking at the sun, because it hurts my eyes to see you that way.

Even though my mind may carry the horrible memories my heart carries the horrible pain.

As the memories burn away they leave scars in my heart.

I only hear in science about how the heart pumps blood through the body... That it’s only an organ that just does what the brain tells it do to but how does it make the feeling when you are in love? Is there something in the heart that dwells and lives? Does it or can it resist the mind and make it think twice about feelings? I think that the heart is stronger than the mind that it is actually the most important of all organs Even more than the brain because if it was just an ordinary organ we would not feel love or give any emotion to anyone. If it didn’t exist the world would be a place of nothing but greed and power.

How kind you are is in the heart not in your mind and nothing can change how ur heart feels or what it wants unless the heart really wants that your still who you are you only think that thats how you feel and there is nuthing wrong with that.

Whether upset, sad, happy. I’ll always be there for you. If someone dies that you know’ I’ll be there. If you need someone to talk and listen I’ll be there. If you need someone to hold I’ll be there. I’ll be there even if I’m nowhere near. Why I do these things. Is because I know you would do the same for me.

As we grow old. Time passes us by and changes the looks on things. Seasons change and erode objects away. We grow old and think nothing has been distorted, but at one point at one era in our life we perceive with our heart, and things change even the people we know whether mean or nice... they change.
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