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why not

I figure that even though, no one has posted in here for a while, that doesn't mean that it's dead



"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a
well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "... holy shit .... what a ride!"


The lover writes a one word poem, "You."


A life with love will have some thorns, but a life without love will have no roses.

A man is incomplete until he is married. After that, he is finished. - Zsa Zsa Gabor

A relationship is like sand in your hand. If held loosely in the palm of your hand it stays there, but as soon as you close your hand tightly it slips through your fingers.


Absence is to love what wind is to fire. It extinguishes the small, it enkindles the great.

Absence makes the heart go wander.


Apparently, the knight in shining armor who was supposed to sweep me off of my feet got lost in the woods.

As I gaze upon your beauty, I think to myself, "never have I seen an angel fly so low"

Beauty is quite different from charm, beauty is what you notice in a woman, charm is when a woman notices you.

Before marriage, a man yearns for the woman he loves. After marriage, the 'Y' becomes silent.

Choose your love wisely. Love your choice always.


Don't marry the person you want to live with, marry the one you cannot live without.

Eighty percent of married men cheat in America. The rest cheat in Europe. - Jackie Mason

Excuse me, but I'm in a hurry! You've been in that phone booth for twenty minutes and didn't say a word! Sir, I'm talking to my wife.

Finding the one you love is like finding your special song. The more difficult and elusive the song, the more it's cherished and enjoyed.

Forget love, I'd rather fall into chocolate.

Hate to see you leave, love to watch you go.

Heav'n has no rage, like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury, like a woman scorned -William Congreve

I am not single, I'm romantically challenged.

I did an unbelievable amount of work in the yard. It's amazing what you can do when your wife puts your mind to it.

I like frogs, and their outlook, and the way they get together in wet places on warm nights and sing about sex. - overheard at the New England Aquarium

I love you for your mind, now give me your body - Queen

I missed you so much I cried a tear in the ocean. The day you find it is the day I will stop loving you!


I ran up the door, closed the stairs, said my pajamas, put on my prayers, I turned off the bed and hopped into the light all because you kissed me goodnight.


In my house I am king, and my law is, "whatever my wife says shall be done."

La plus belle fleure du monde perdra un jour de sa couleur mais l'amour sincere resplendira toujours.


Love doesn't just make the world go 'round, it makes the ride worthwhile!

Love has reasons that reason knows nothing of.

Love is a fire. Whether it will warm your heart or burn down your house, you can never tell.


Love is friendship set on fire. - French Proverb

Love is never having to say 'Shut the hell up.' - Wally Pleasant

Love is the only drug you can take that will convince you each time that you've never had it before.

Love isn't blind. There's just nothing it hasn't seen.

Many a man owes his success to his first wife and his second wife to his success. - Jim Backus

Marriage is a great institution, but I'm not ready for an institution. - Mae West

Marriage is an institution. Love is blind. Therefore, marriage is an institution for the blind.


Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. A second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.

Marriage. An expensive way of getting your laundry done for free.

Married men live longer than single men, but they're a lot more willing to die.

My girlfriend died. I was heartbroken, and vowed to remain faithful to her memory. At first I had no difficulty. My distress was so great that I couldn't even contemplate kissing anyone else. But, after a while, another girl started showing an interest. I resisted her advances. 'You're very pretty,' I told her, 'but it's just too soon. I'm sorry.' She wouldn't give up. She kept gently touching me, and fluttering her mascara-coated eyelashes. Eventually I yielded, and fell into her arms. The man asked us to leave. He said our rustling, slurping and giggling was upsetting the other mourners. - Dan Rhodes

My knight in shining armor is lost in the woods and he's too stubborn to ask for directions.

One of life's great mysteries is how the boy who wasn't good enough to marry the daughter can be the father of the smartest grandchild in the world.

People in cars cause accidents. Accidents in cars cause people.

Porque en noches como ésta la tuve entre mis brazos, mi alma no se contenta con haberla perdido. (Because through nights like this one I held her in my arms my soul is not satisfied that it has lost her.) - Pablo Neruda 'Puedo escribir los versos mas triste.'

Romance is the appreciation of two people who are celebrating the lucky coincidence that they found each other.

Seduce my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and I'm yours forever.

She's a lovely person. She deserves a good husband. Marry her before she finds one. - Oscar Levant to Harpo Marx upon meeting Harpo's fiance

The 3 stages of sex: Tri-weekly, try weekly, try weakly.


The best part of love is losing all sense of reality. - Don Juan de Marco

The kiss originated when the first male reptile licked the first female reptile, implying in a subtle, complimentary way that she was as succulent as the small reptile he had for dinner the night before. - F. Scott Fitzgerald

The morning I don't eat, I think about you. At noon I don't eat, I think about you. In the evening I don't eat, I think about you. During the night, I don't sleep - I'm hungry!

The trouble with life is, by the time you can read a girl like a book, your library card has expired.

The world around you gets hazy and the only thing you focus on is you and that person. And for that one moment you've been given this amazing gift and you want to laugh and you want to cry at the same time because you're so lucky you've found it and so scared that it will go away.


Titanic is the greatest love story ever?? Rich girl meets poor boy, poor boy draws rich girl, boat sinks, poor boy dies, rich girl lives to 150.

To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible god. - JLB

To love is to realize that there is another person in the world besides yourself.

We come to love not by finding the perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly!

We like because, we love although.

When I was little, I had a favorite teddy bear, who kept my secrets, shared my adventures, and wiped away all of my tears. I used to think that no one could take his place, then I found you!

Women... you can't live with 'em, can't have heterosexual sex without 'em. - Dick Solomon

You can fall down the stairs, you can fall from a tree. But the best way to fall is in love with me.

You cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them.

You cannot make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them until they become afraid and give in.

Your heart is the most expensive thing that can be broken.

" If there's anything in the world you'd rather do than spend an hour in the arms of someone you love, kill yourself."

"Falling in love is like falling into anything else. Just stop looking where you're going."

"Ignorance doesn't mean that you don't know all the answers, but rather that you think there's only one." - Rob Fairchild

"Hamsters have fewer uses than you think. Squirrels, however are forever hiding nuts. When a squirrel forgets about where it has concealed the nuts, dies, or is killed and eaten, the nuts can germinate and become trees. Whenever I see a tree now, I have to laugh."

"Bugs have a funny way of just watching you whenever you're doing something stupid or unhealthy, as if they're waiting for something. Like their shot at world domination. I can't even turn on the TV anymore without getting seriously creeped out."

"You won't even know what the most beautiful and perfect thing in your world is while you have it, and that is why you will lose it."

"Although I will most likely not live long enough to see the li'l baby tree I own grow large and old and wise, I do hope I can somehow train it well enough in my lifetime to ultimately devote itself to falling down on top of and killing someone."

"Acknowledging the power to end your life makes each day a beautiful choice. "

"At present, it's a statistical fact that more people in the world have had sex with dogs than have had sex with you or me. Now, I'm not one to use pickup lines but, if you are, then I know I'd be swept off my feet by someone who convinced me that together we could keep the dogs from winning."


"I used to be an atheist, until I realized I had nothing to shout during blowjobs. 'Oh Random Chance! Oh Random Chance!' just doesn't cut it…." - Robert Anton Wilson. DragonCon, 2000

Its echoing again, all the things you've said,
continuing on, repeating in my head.
I let you get inside, and screw up how I feel;
It will not go away, and its becoming too real.
I gave you all of me, you just threw it all away,
Anger consuming who you are, and I had to pay.
I've cried so many tears, and I can't get rid of you,
But without you I am lost, And I don't know what to do.
Our past together is haunting my memory;
you always find a way to do this to me.
All I wanted was to be rid of all my tears,
and somehow you knew how to safely fight the fears.
I built my life around you, you were my world.
You opened my eyes; I'm not the same naive girl.
Everything hurts, there’s no reason to dream,
It's becoming too intense, its getting hard to breathe.
You're face is the only thing I can see,
But when I take another look, its a mere reflection of me.
I'm surrounded by all of this sorrow and pain;
I'm like your toy that you've strung along on a chain.
I try and I try, but I can't push you away.
You're like a pill, which i constantly crave.
I can't help it, I am addicted to your touch,
loving you hurts but I need you so much.
I've tried so hard, but there's nothing left to do,
I don't have the strength, and so I just give into you.


-         My mother made me a homosexual.
- If I gave her the wool, would she make me one too?
~Graffiti, London, 1978

The next time someone asks you, "Hey, howdja get to be a homosexual anyway?" tell them, "Homosexuals are chosen first on talent, then interview... then the swimsuit and evening gown competition pretty much gets rid of the rest of them." ~Karen Williams

Pronouns make it hard to keep our sexual orientation a secret when our co-workers ask us about our weekend. "I had a great time with... them." Great! Now they don't think you're queer - just a big slut! ~Judy Carter

What is straight? A line can be straight, or a street, but the human heart, oh, no, it's curved like a road through mountains. ~Tennessee Williams, A Streetcar Named Desire, 1947

While many minority groups are the target for prejudice... and discrimination... in our society, few persons face this hostility without the support and acceptance of their family as do many gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth. ~Virginia Uribe & Karen Harbeck

Let my lusts be my ruin, then, since all else is a fake and a mockery. ~Hart Crane


The strongest guard is placed at he gateway to nothing. Maybe because the condition of emptiness is too shameful to be divulged."

-- F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender is The Night


I refuse to tiptoe through life, only to arrive safely at death."



"Sometimes gaming with geeks is like eating jello with a chainsaw. Interesting, but painful."
- Userfriendly.org


"The problem with America is stupidity. I'm not saying there should be a capital punishment for stupidity, but why don't we just take the safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself? "


Nobody is perfect. I am nobody. Therefore I am perfect.


Reality continues to ruin my life. ~Calvin


The only difference between me and a madman is that I’m not mad. ~Salvador Dali

 . . . yet. ~ Scott Campbell


Have you ever been in love? Horrible, isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens your heart and it means someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses. You build up this whole armor, for years, so nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life... You give them a piece of you. They don't ask for it. They do something dumb one day like kiss you, or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so a simple phrase like "Maybe we should just be friends" or "How very perceptive" turns into a glass splinter working its way to your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a body-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. Nothing should be able to do that. Especially not love. I hate love.


I’ve seen a lot of bodies, and it never ceases to amaze me, have you ever seen Cary Cole or Maggie Hart? Hmm. Strippers, for a long time it was a toss up whether I’d marry a stripper or a whitefish. I remember Polly O’Day, she worked with a parrot, he didn’t help her strip or anything, while she got undressed he stood to the side and talked dirty. It was an exciting act. What a body. She was built great too. Yeah, but what I don’t understand is how she got that way, anymore than how we did. I mean look at your hand, of all the bones in the body one forth are in the hand. Forget the hand look at the thumb, that amazing instrument that has transported more students to college than the Boston Post Road. Ideal for sucking, especially as a baby. And Lauded in song and story as the perfect instrument for pulling out a plum. Or in the case of the Caesers for holding it down which meant for the gladiator to die, or holding it up, which meant “See you later at the orgy.” Ladies and Gentlemen in your pie, in your eye I give you the thumb. Have you any idea farmer brown of the incredible complexity of this piece of human apparatus? The Flexor Osis Metacarpi Polisis flexes the metacarpal bone, that is draws it inward over the palm, thus creating the movement of opposition . . . and the boy scouts salute. It’s thanks to this magical engineering that we can do this, and this, and this. But our greatest triumph comes not from flexing the metacarpal bone and making a fist, which always seems to be thirsting to be clenched, our greatest triumph comes when we open our hand, cradling a glass of wine, cupping a loved one’s chin. And the best the most expert of all, keeping all the daily tasks of life in motion. My friends, for your amusment and bemusment, I give you the human person, thumbs and fingers flexing wildly, struggling to keep aloft the leaden realities of life, Anger, Death, and Madness. Thus we create for ourselves the illusion that we are in control that we have power that we are loved.


Jack: Doctor, do you see those two weevils?

Stephen: I do

Jack: Which would you choose?

Stephen: Neither, they are both the say species of Curculio.

Jack: If you had to choose, if there were no other possible recourse, if the decision were forced on you?

Stephen: Very well, I would choose the right hand weevil, it has significant advantage in both length and breadth.

Jack: slapping the table There, I’ve got you, you’re completely dished, do you not know that in the service one must always choose the lesser of two weevils!


Well be fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.

~Japanese Proverb


Love is for those who are strong. People who are willing to take risks and get their hearts broke. It is for those who can anticipate pain and anger. Knowing that tears will come and go, laughing won't always accompany everything. You must be able to learn to sacrifice what may be important to you. Be ready for everything to come crashing down around you at times and know that you may very well want to give up. The roads will never always be smooth and a fairy tale is just that. But know, that all of this is well worth it. And one day you'll realize you could never love someone more.


"When you reach the end of your rope tie a knot in it and hang on." Thomas Jefferson

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye." Antoine de Saint Exupery

"Nothing happens unless first a dream." Carl Sandburg

"Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles. It empties today of its strength." JRR Tolkien


There's one aspect of leadership that you haven't seemed to grasp yet: just because you CAN blow something up, doesn't mean you have to


I'm jealous of anyone who hugged you today, because for that one moment, they held my world.


you know you like her. would it kill you to admit it? maybe treat her half way decent..? because you know what ... she deserves it and shes not gonna wait around for you forever.

just to know i at least meant something to you, means everything to me.

a best friend is someone who knows how strange you are & still hangs out with you.

i'm not your type, i'm not inflatable.

the most unfair things anout life is the way it ends. i mean, life is tough. it takes up alot of your time. & then you die. whats that? a bonus? i think the life cycle is all backwards. you should die first & get it all over with. then you live in an old age home. you get kicked out when you're too young. you get a gold watch. you go to work. you work 40 years until your young enough to enjoy your retirement. you do drugs, alcohol, & party. you get ready for high school. you go to grade school & become a kid. you play, you have no responsibilities. you become a little baby & go back into the womb. you spend your last 9 months floating. then you finish off as an orgasm. i like it.

you'll never know how much i miss you, you wont see it in my face, you'll never know there wont be another guy to take your place cause i'll be smiling when i see you, no my tears wont ever show, i might always love you, but you're never gonna know.

if you think the quickest way to a mans heart is through his stomach you're aiming to high.

you live & you breathe, & then you die. in between, if you're lucky, you fall in love. some love stays forever, others are lost in only a day. but its still there, underneath all the hurt & pride & years. if it is true love its never forgotten so when someone says their in love, dont tell them they can't be. dont say their too young, or its too soon. love knows no age or length of time. love is a feeling, deep in your heart.

and as i sit here looking at you, i wonder if there will ever be a day when i will get over your smile...when i will let go of the hugs you gave me, that i continue to feel...a day when i forget the words you said to me...forget what you meant to me or forget how much i loved you. but no matter what you did to me or what happened to us. i know i could never get over, let go, or forget you.

so we're not a couple anymore, that doesnt mean that i dont have the right to be happy, that doesnt mean i have to live in the past, and that certainly doesnt mean i have to remember you, but the fact is i am not happy, i still am living in the past, and i will always remember you.

in this weird twisted way, i know you miss me, not cause i want to believe its true, but because youll never find a girl that will put up with you like i did, you'll never find a girl who will care as much as i did, cause no one will waste all there love on someone like you ..like i did

if i never met you, i wouldn't like you, if i didn't like you, i wouldn't love you, if i didnt love you, I wouldn't miss you... but i did, i do, and i always will.

i sometimes wish icould be like you, being able to get so close to people who you really have no intention of being close to. letting people get so close to you, only to push them away. but then i remember, i could never be like you, i have a heart.

"After all who of us in our lives hasn't set fire to some great public building or other..."
- Graham Chapman

"Graham Chapman was a loony. You can tell that from this book. After all it took four men to write his autobiography. Pretty fair, since it took about four men to live his life. There was the quiet pipe-smoking tweed jacketed doctor, who could elucidate complicated medical facts to the layman while calmly diagnosing and dispensing medicines; there was the quiet pipe-smoking writer who could sit all day painting his nails with gestetner fluid occasionally interjecting the oddest comments, squawks, shouts of "Betty Marsden" and injunctions to sing "Only Make Believe" in a squeaky voice; there was the quiet pipe-smoking homosexual, who could calmly bring a party of Japanese boys down for breakfast in an extremely bourgeois German suburban hotel, causing the manageress conniptions and ending in a request that he move to a more suitable establishment; and there was the quiet pipe-smoking alcoholic, who could reduce any drinks party to a shambles by consuming half a distillery and then crawling round the floor kissing all the men and groping all the women. But he wasn't all fun."
- Eric Idle


If we couldn't laugh we just would go insane
If we weren't all crazy we would go insane.
- Jimmy Buffett

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

Good friends are like fat thighs..
they always keep in touch.

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. --Ralph Waldo Emerson

A friend is someone who reaches for your hand, but touches your heart.

A reassuring presence, a light when times are dark, a hand reaching out, is what friendship is about.

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.

“Some people you will meet for a season, a reason... or a lifetime”

People need your love the most when they appear to deserve it the least.

its funny how you can be standing right next to someone and still feel so distant .. like years have been erased + you're just simply strangers again

There are some micro-organisms that exhibit characteristics of both plants
and animals. When exposed to light they undergo photosynthesis; and when
the lights go out, they turn into animals. But then again, don't we all?


There is a theory which states that if anyone figures out just what exactly the universe is for and why we are here, that we will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. Then there is a theory which states that this has already happened.~Douglas Adams


Love is intoxication, pain and overwhelming affection. Unrequited love is a poison to your soul, the more you love-the more you hurt yourself. And in hurting yourself you wind up loving them all the more. To the other person you are nothing-they can't comprehend it, they can't even fathom the notion that their existance infatuates you. How could they possibly hurt you? They can't, they just can't. And you hate them, curse them. And then you realize it isn't them you hate, but yourself for allowing you to feel. But that is wrong, all wrong, feeling is what makes life, makes your soul. And I know it hurts-I know.


"Roads? Where we're going we don't need...roads"
--Back to the Future

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it."
--Ferris Bueller

"All I'm saying is I want to look back and say that I did the best I could while I was stuck in this place. Had as much fun as I could while I was stuck in this place. Played as hard as I could while I was stuck in this place."
--Dazed and Confused

"Sorry about the disruption folks, but I always do the last dance of the season"
--Dirty Dancing

"Only dead fish go with the flow"

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
--Mark Twain

"If you can not be a poet, be the poem
--David Carradine

To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or redeemed social condition; to know one life has breathed easier because you have lived; this is to have succeeded. --Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Measure your life in love"
--Jonathan Larson

"I suppose I could be pissed off about what happened to me. But it's hard to stay mad when there's so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing it all at once, and it's too much. My heart fills up like a balloon that's about to burst"
--American Beauty

"People miss a great deal by being sensible"
--Marth Gellhorn

"The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly aware, divinely aware"
--Henry Miller

"The world is a great book of which they, who never stir from home, read only a page"

"An original life is unexplored. You don't get there by taking a taxi--you get there by carrying a canoe"
--Alan Alda

"Those who wander are not necessarily lost"
--Joseph Stine

"There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you do not do them"
--Charles D Gill

"If it doesn't absorb you, if it isn't any fun, don't do it"
--DH Lawrence

"Where your pleasure is, there is your treasure; where your treasure, there your heart; where your heart, there your happiness"

"At the end of our life our questions are simple: did I live fully? Did I love well?"
--Jack Kornfield

"Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can ever go wrong."

"You must take your chance"
--William Shakespeare

"Sometimes you just have to take the leap, and build your wings on the way down"
--Kobi Yamada

"Too low they build who build beneath the skies"
--Edward Young

"These are the days of miracle and wonder"
--Paul Simon

"When I asked for all things, so that I might enjoy life, I was given life, so that I might enjoy all things"

"Wherever you are, it is your own friends who make your world"
--William James

"If you think about it, every experience is worth having"
--Henry Ford

"No, you never get any fun out of things you haven't done"
--Oscar Wilde

"'Why not' is a slogan for an interesting life"
--Mason Cooley

"The trouble with resisting temptation is you may not get another chance"
--Laurence Peter

"Seize the moment! Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart"
--Erma Bombeck

"People are more fun than anybody"
--Dorothy Parker

"Pure and simple, any person who is enjoying life is a success"
--William Feather

"On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined"
--Lord Byron

"Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving. Make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!"
--Amanda Bradley

"May you live as long as you want to. May you want to as long as you live"
--Early American Toast

"Where there is too much, something is missing"
--Hasidic Saying

"Live a balanced life. Learn some and think some, and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some"
--Robert Fulghum


"Back at work after a night of absinthe and debauchery. Head hurts. Feels like I forgot something..."


"Like wearing pants..."


After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul, and you learn that love doesn't mean leaning and company doesn't mean security. You begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts and presents aren't promises, and you begin to accept your defeats with your head up your eyes open, with the grace of an adult, not the grief of a child. You learn to build all your roads on today because tommorow's ground is too uncertain for plans. After a while you learn that even sunshine burns if you get too much. So plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers, and you learn that you really can endure.. that you really are strong, and you really do have worth.


My advice to you: start drinking heavily! (Animal House)

Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear. (Empire Records)

Death can't stop true love. All it can do it delay it for awhile. ~The Princess Bride~

The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well. ~Joe Ancis

Don't be agnostic- be something. ~Robert Frost

Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination, full of hope. ~Maya Angelou

Religion that is pure and undefiled before God and the Father is this: to care for orphans and widows in their affliction and to keep oneself unstained by the world. ~ James

"The crew of the shuttle
did not return safely to Earth; yet we can pray that all are safely home. " President Bush!

I believe in the sun...even when it is not shining. I believe in hope...even when I have none. I believe in love...even when it is taken from me. I believe in God... even though I cannot see his face.
~written by an 11 yr. old girl on a wall in the Warsaw Ghetto

May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, and the rain fall soft upon the fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you respond to it.

Never stop smiling to frown, because you never know who might be falling in love with your smile.

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened!

Somewhere, there's someone who dreams of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worthwhile. So when you are lonely, remember, it's true: somebody, somewhere, is thinking of you!

Even though you may not believe in God, He still believes in you!


"You should be kissed, and often. And by someone who knows how." ~Rhet Gone With the Wind


"One Regret, Dear world that I am determined not to have when I am lying on my deathbed is that I did not kiss you enough."
Translated by Daniel Ladinsky


"A little rudeness and disrespect can elevate a meaningless interaction to a battle of wills and add drama to an otherwise dull day."


A kiss upon the hand of someone you truly love is more beautiful and more valuable than any diamond or gem could ever be.

Becareful, remember that kisses easily obtained are also easily forgotten

Hugs warm you from the outside. Kisses warm you from within.

Tears are like kisses, the only real ones are the ones you can’t hold back.


The truth shall set you free, but first it will make you damn mad.


"Even if you were the only thing i had, it'd be everything i'd ever wanted."

"The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love somebody else."

"Everything is simple until emotion gets involved."

"Emotion is both a strength and a weakness."

"When you were born, everyone around you was smiling and you were crying. Live your life so that when you die, you're smiling and everyone around you is crying."


"Everybody in the world has a destiny for greatness. Either a great success or a great failure. Either way, its gonna be great."

"So often people say that we should look to the elderly, learn from their wisdom, their many years. I disagree, I say we should look to the young: untarnished, without stereotypes implanted in their minds, no poison, no hatred in their hearts. When we learn to see life through the eyes of a child, that is when we become truly wise."

"If you fail too much, admit you're a fuck-up and stop trying"

"If you don't see the devil at least 3 times a day, 9 times outta 10 you walkin' with him."-


You stop worrying about what other people think about you when you realize how little they do. -- Mark Twain

What lies behind us
and what lies before
us are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us.
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's kind of fun
to do the impossible.
-- Walt Disney

The length of your education is less important than its breadth,
and the length of your life is less important than its depth.
-Marilyn vos Savant


"My mother always said to me, 'Elwood, in this world'-- she always called me Elwood-- 'in this world, you can be oh-so-smart, or oh-so-pleasant.' And I was smart for years, doctor... I recommend pleasant."

- Jimmy Stewart as Elwood P. Dowd in
Harvey (possibly paraphrased)


"They were old-fashioned delicatessen philosophers. My father would go around the house either reciting Emily Dickinson and Longfellow under his breath or attacking T. S. Eliot for ruining poetry with his 'obscurantism.' My mother made up bed-time stories that all went something like: 'The good king rode forth from his castle, saw the suffering workers and healed them.' I grew suspicious of both sides."

- Allen Ginsberg, on his parents

"When you sit with a nice girl for two hours, it seems like two minutes. When you sit on a stove for two minutes, it seems like two hours. That's relativity"



I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see it's path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain. -- The Bene Gesserit Litany of Fear from the novel Dune by Frank Herbert


"I read once that the ancient Egyptians
had fifty words for sand &
the Eskimos had a hundred words for snow
& I wish that I had a thousand words for love
but all that comes to mind
is the way you move against me in your sleep
and there are no words for that."

- Brian Andreas


Some people are like slinkies, not really good for anything but you can’t help but smile seeing one fall down the stairs.


- Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

- Nature magically suits a man to his fortunes, by making them the fruit of his character.

- People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.


"To me, marriage is the devotion of heart, mind, and body. In that order."


"It's bad for me because the voices inside my head all speak Spanish, so I don't understand a word they are saying."

"You know you really are a loser when even your imaginary friend is always playing with the kid across the street."


"I heard some sick, twisted, weird, strange, godless evil stuff going on in there the other night. And I want in."
-Homer Simpson


"Revolution is only a means by which one group of idiots displaces the predominant group of idiots." – Unknown


Always be nice to your children because they are the ones who will
choose your rest home.
-- Phyllis Diller

My Grandmother is over eighty and still doesn't need glasses. Drinks
right out of the bottle.
-- Henny Youngman

Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no
account be allowed to do the job.
-- Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


You know how everyone says you should stop and smell the roses? Well, this morning I did. BIG DEAL! They smelled like a bunch of dumb flowers! It was the most mundane experience I've ever had! Who's got time for this nonsense! I'm a busy guy! I've got things to do! The Last thing I need is to stand around with my nose in some silly plant!

Why waste time learning when ignorance is instantaneous

I say it's a fallacy that kids need 12 years of school. I think three months is plenty

Things are never quite as scary when you've got a best friend


Count the garden by the flowers, never by the leaves that fall. Count your life with smiles and not the tears that roll. ~Author Unknown

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. ~Hans Christian Anderson

Life is simple, its just not easy. ~Author Unknown

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. ~Phyllis Diller

If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it. ~Andy Rooney

Always remember to be happy because you never know who's falling in love with your smile. ~Author Unknown

Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. ~Mother Teresa

Dreams are answers to questions we haven't yet figured out how to ask. ~X-Files

I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. If we're in each other's dreams, we can play together all night. ~Bill Watterson, Calvin & Hobbes~

Infatuation is when you think he's as sexy as Robert Redford, as smart as Henry Kissinger, as noble as Ralph Nader, as funny as Woody Allen, and as athletic as Jimmy Conners. Love is when you realize that he's as sexy as Woody Allen, as smart as Jimmy Connors, as funny as Ralph Nader, as athletic as Henry Kissinger and nothing like Robert Redford - but you'll take him anyway. ~Judith Viorst, Redbook, 1975

Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction. ~Antoine de Saint-Exup?ry, Wind, Sand and Stars, 1939, translated from French by Lewis Galanti?re

'Twas not my lips you kissed
But my soul
~Judy Garland

A kiss without a hug is like a flower without the fragrance. ~Proverb

The soul that can speak through the eyes can also kiss with a gaze. ~Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart. ~Kay Knudsen

Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense. ~Mark Overby

Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end. ~Author Unknown

This is the beginning of a new day. I have been given this day to use as I will. I can waste it, or I can use it for good, but what I do today is important, because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving in its place that which I have traded for it. I want it to be gain and not loss;good and not evil;success, and not failure; in order that I shall not regret the price that I have paid for it. I will try only for today, for you never fail until you stop trying.

I tell you everything that is really nothing, and nothing of what is everything, do not be fooled by what I am saying. Please listen carefully and try to hear what I am not saying. ~Charles C. Finn

Having someone wonder where you are when you don't come home at night is a very old human need. ~Margaret Mead

I like her because she smiles at me and means it. ~Tas Soft Wind

You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do not just live in a world but a world lives in you. ~Frederick Buechner

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ~Marcel Proust

Families are like fudge... mostly sweet with a few nuts. ~Author Unknown

Home is not where you live but where they understand you. ~Christian Morgenstern

Where we love is home,
Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., Homesick in Heaven

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. ~William Shakespeare

The best things said come last. People will talk for hours saying nothing much and then linger at the door with words that come with a rush from the heart. ~Alan Alda

Sometimes, in a summer morning, having taken my accustomed bath, I sat in my sunny doorway from sunrise till noon, rapt in reverie. ~Henry David Thoreau

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck. ~Emma Goldman

Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days. ~Doug Larson

The night walked down the sky with the moon in her hand. ~Frederick L. Knowles

Night, the beloved. Night, when words fade and things come alive. When the destructive analysis of day is done, and all that is truly important becomes whole and sound again. When man reassembles his fragmentary self and grows with the calm of a tree. ~Antoine de Saint-Exup’ry

How long the night seems to one kept awake by pain. ~Bernard Joseph Saurin, Blanche et Guiscard, translated

Passion is universal humanity. Without it religion, history, romance and art would be useless. ~Honor? de Balzac

A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child. ~Knights of Pythagoras

The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child. ~Joe Houldsworth

Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark. ~George Iles

Sometimes it's better to put love into hugs than to put it into words. ~Author Unknown

Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read. ~Groucho Marx

Books let us into their souls and lay open to us the secrets of our own. ~William Hazlitt

We are never prepared for what we expect. ~James A. Michener, Caravans

If you come to a fork in the road, take it. ~Yogi Berra


"A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems" -Paul Erdos

"All good dreamers pass this way someday, hidin' behind bottles in dark cafes." -Joni Mitchell, The Last Time I Saw Richard

"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go." -O

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