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The First Step

... on a journey of a thousand miles

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This is a community where you can post quotations. We don't expect to be as big as quotes or any of the other "big" quotes communities, but we believe that less is more, and quality is desireable over quantity.

Some ground rules:
First, the DOs:
1. DO post quotes that succinctly summarize thoughts or ideas.

2. DO post quotes that express a powerful opinion about a subject.

3. DO make well-formatted posts. excessive italics, bolds, colors, puntuation or grammatical errors detract from your point.

4. DO feel free to discuss! if a quote sparks a reaction deep inside you, use it as a conversation starter. you never know if you might make a new friend.

5. DO use an lj-cut if you post more than 5 reasonably-lengthed quotes (2-3 lines per plus one line for an attributation) or the equivalent thereof.

6. DO think about the quotes before you post them. if they are ambiguous, try not to post them. if they are pointlessly sexist or racist, they are boring. if any reasonable adult knows better than the quote, it's a waste of space.

7. DO have fun.. quote collecting is a fun hobby!

and now for the DON'Ts:
1. Please do not post lyrics here. generally, lyrics are not good quotes without the music. music appreciation is a completely different ballgame than quote appreciation. if you want to post and read quoted lyrics, please go to lyrics_n_quotes or lyrics_quotes.

2. Please do not post poetry here, unless you are posting a profound excerpt from the poem. if you wrote it yourself, it's probably crap; if you were any good, you'd be published already. if your poem IS awesome, and you end up being a world-renowned poet, send me an email and i'll print these rules out and eat my words. if you want people to read your poetry, comment on your poetry, share their poetry, or whatever amateur poets do, then check out poetry or poets_society.

3. Please do not post comedy here. Comedy is not quotes. if the punch lines stand on their own, or the comedian provides a profound look at something, feel free, but in general, there are better places to post that stuff. try comedians or jokes.

4. Please do not post hate speech, religious or political propaganda. if you want to discuss politics, please check out anti_lefty, anti_righty, or politics; depending on your views. for religios talk, try christianity, islam or atheism, depending on your religious views. if you want to post supremacist or hate speech, just get a damn life.

5. Please don't start flame wars. if a post stays up here for more than a day, it's because it is appropriate to be here. if we thought you would be a good moderator, you would already have been asked to moderate.

6. Please don't post "anonymous" or "unknown" attributations; most of the quotes that are attributed to unknown or anonymous can be attributed correctly with a few minutes on a good search engine. if you've googled thoroughly and still can't find the author, go ahead and attribute it anonymously, but don't be surprised when someone corrects you. accept the correction graciously and move on.

7. Please don't post repetitions. Obviously, newbies will not know as well as oldbies what's been posted, and we don't expect someone to read the entire history of the community before posting. However, at least have the decency to check the last 60 entries.

8. Please Don't post onesies or twosies; generally speaking you should aim for five or more quotes. if you think you have an especially good one, go ahead, but don't be surprised when someone asks you to save the quotes you find until you have enough to post all at once.

9. Please try to theme your posts with similar quotes or quotes on the same topic. FOCUS, don't jump around between love, war, religion and friendship all in one post.

10. Most of the good quotes about love have already been brought up. if you could make a lollipop out of your collection (it's just DRIPPING with sugary sweetness), consider taking it to lovequotes instead.'

11. DO NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, post a request for quotes. go to your friendly neighborhood search engine and do a little work.